Corporate Plan, 2011-2013

This Corporate Plan is for the period 2011-2013.  It sets out how ICBAN aims to works towards its Mission in improving the quality of life and prosperity in the Central Border Region.  During this period the organisation will be working on creating a separate Vision and Strategy for future development in the region through a Spatial Planning Initiative.  This will be completed in 2013, at which time the organisation can again review its future direction.

Comments and feedback on this Draft Corporate Plan are very much appreciated, after which we will then present the final approved document.

ICBAN is mindful of the need to be accountable and open. Therefore each year we will present our Action Plan for the year ahead. We will also provide annual updates on the progression of the Plan, our Mission and Aims etc.

Special Projects delivered:

FLAPP Programme

ICBAN is one of 37 European Partners of FLAPP which stands for “Flood Awareness and Prevention Policy in border areas”. It is an EU-funded network through which local and regional flood experts from across Europe share knowledge and experience about how to prevent and forecast floods, evacuate people and limit the damage when floods happen Link to FLAPP Plan

Joining Up Development

The Joining Up Development Programme is an innovative series of seminars delivered during 2005 and 2006, on 9 key development issues of concern to the ICBAN region. These issues will be examined from a cross border perspective, with input from experts in the field and international speakers. Link to Joining Up Development

Technology Transfer

The Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN) ran a Technology & Innovation Programme to assist organisations (companies, groups, clusters, networks, partnerships) in the region become more competitive by bringing innovative technology and new methods into their operations.Read more on Technology Transfer

Vital Signs

Vital Signs Ireland was an ICBAN sponsored project funded under the Interreg IIIA Programme for Ireland/Northern Ireland. The Vital Signs programme used the latest IT based technology devised in the US by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Maine, USA and has important educational, environmental management and research properties. Read more on this Vital Signs


The issue of transportation infrastructure in the ICBAN region is a critical factor in the economic and social life of the communities throughout. The ICBAN region is predominantly very rural and a lack of investment over time, coupled with the demise of the former railway network, has resulted in a region for which inadequate road infrastructure has created proven economic disadvantage and social hardship. ICBAN is currently working in two areas to address the issue,
The ICBAN Rural Roads Improvement Project and secondly, spatial considerations for the future of transportation infrastructure in the wider ICBAN region. Read more here


The management of waste is one of the most challenging issues for the ICBAN member Councils. The challenge of handling increased volumes of domestic and industrial wastes has been compounded by introduction of national and EU regulations which require a minimum level of re-processing/re cycling. The situation presents considerable financial risk to the councils and efforts to explore solutions on a cross border basis are currently underway. Read more about Waste Management


ICBAN values its coastline and recognises that the marine resources are of immense importance to the community throughout the ICBAN region. The value lies in its social, economic and environmental value. Sustainable management of marine resources is not without its challenges, so whilst ICBAN were pleased to make a small contribution through their small harbour improvement scheme, they are also working with partners on the wider issues of coastal zone management. Read more about Small Harbours Improvement Project

Functional Foods

A project driven by Loughry College, the NI Centre for Food and Health (NICHE at UU Coleraine) and St Angela’s College, Sligo was the ICBAN region Facilitating Innovation in Functional Foods”

Functional Food is a food that has added health qualities. Commonly known functional foods include probiotic drinks, cereals with added vitamins and spreads with omega oils. These all provide health benefits of one kinds which have been added to the original product. The project aims to support a number of companies gain a greater knowledge about functional foods and for some to proceed to new functional food products or production process. Read more about Functional Foods Project