Waste Management Project

The need to address the crisis in waste management on a cross border basis has been discussed over the years and was particularly driven by the critical and on going problems of undesirable cross border movement of waste by the private sector. This was seen as a symptom of the lack of joined up legislation and strategic planning for waste management rather than a cause in itself. Waste management strategies have been 'back to back' Data collection and planning have not taken account of the border to date. There are differences in approach north and south to meeting new EU requirements and the subsequent impact misses both the opportunities for best practice solutions which require an 'all island' approach, and creates conditions whereby bad practice, such as illegal dumping, sham recovery and very low levels of waste re processing are endemic.

In response, ICBAN initiated a waste management research project with partners throughout the region, and in particular, Monaghan County Council, Dungannon South Tyrone Borough Council and Co-operation Ireland. Funding of €123,000 was secured from the INTERREG IIIA Programme, Priority 1 Measure 1 to undertake researched research as follows:

  • To provide information and data that will inform the future role out of the waste management strategies and further strategic planning.
  • To enable the Councils to understand how the private sector is likely to react to future waste management arrangements given the market situation and the changing legislative arrangements.
  • To assist the Councils address current and future movement of waste problems.
  • To provide Councils with intelligence that will assist in establishing appropriate cross border waste handling methodologies.
  • To provide central Government with a valuable set of information and data that will inform them of the cross border implications of their various policies and provide information that may assist cross border solutions for waste management.
  • To provide information to other agents, such as those supporting economic development, about what is required by way of industrial and business development in the waste management and recycling sector.

This research has now been completed and two workshops carried out to take forward recommendations, one at a local authority level, the other at central Government level.

The following documents are available for download in PDF format:

    * Cross-Border Waste Management Study - Final Report (Feb 2005)
    * Cross-Border Waste Management Study - Executive Summary (Feb 2005)